Devin Vodicka is rapidly becoming known as a forward-thinking leader in educational circles.  As one of the younger school administrators and an adjunct faculty member for graduate schools, he utilizes interpersonal and intellectual skills to transform learning communities. After opening both Calavera Hills Elementary and Middle Schools and running the two sites concurrently, he currently serves as Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Carlsbad Unified School District.  Calavera Hills Middle School received the California Distinguished School Award in 2007 as a result of meeting all student achievement goals and Calavera Hills Elementary received the California Distinguished School Award in 2006.  He previously served as the Special Projects Director, including site supervision at Jefferson Elementary–under his leadership the school exceeded API growth targets by no less than 400% in two consecutive years. Jefferson was subsequently identified as a “High Minority/High Poverty/High Achieving” school and was honored as a State High Achieving Title I School.  As an elementary school teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District, he was a key catalyst at the “Most Improved School” in the North Poly Complex.


Devin takes pride in his enduring and meaningful personal relationships.  He and wife, Nicole, a former high-school sweetheart, enjoy spending time with their two children.  Nicole currently works as a recreation supervisor and previously worked with Devin in Los Angeles as a special education teacher.  Many other family members, including both parents and his sister, also serve as educators.


Devin has balanced professional and personal roles with his continued dedication to learning.  By attending school at night and on weekends, he has earned teaching and administrative credentials in addition to his M.S. in Educational Leadership and his Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University.  His dissertation used social network analysis to examine the role of trust for the principal and the development of a collaborative school culture.  His accolades include selection as the graduation speaker at UC Santa Cruz, College Honors, Honors in the Major, Phi Beta Kappa, and the College Service Award.  His exit portfolio that helped him earn a bilingual multiple subject teaching credential was rated as “exemplary.”  He was student body president in high school and received the California Arts Scholar Award for his talents as an actor.  In his spare time, Devin enjoys reading about chaos theory and playing the bass guitar.